Although Dr Lee’s treatment programs are centred around healing the patient’s disease condition, healing is not promised and neither guaranteed.

In the contents of this information, the words “Heal”, “Healing”, “Rejuvenation”, “Rehabilitation” and other words like so are used because such results are seen in most of his patients that go through his INTEGRATED & HOLISTIC treatment program; but these words are not used to imply representations of Dr Lee’s promise or guarantee to heal the patient’s condition; they are merely used to convey the idea that it is only Dr Lee’s intention & goal to heal the patient’s condition and induce rehabilitation & rejuvenation in the patient’s body and not his promise or guarantee to such.

TESTIMONIAL DISCLAIMER: We abide by the Personal Data Protection Act. For this cause, some patient’s names are replaced using alias names and graphic/stock images are used instead of real images for those patients who did not explicitly consent to share such.


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