Breast Cancer Successfully Treated...
Without Surgery, Chemotherapy nor Radiotherapy.

From Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer,
and loss of hope..
.. to 85% recovery and full of joy.

Name: Agnes Ong

Age: 44

Place: Melaka, Malaysia

Work: Financial Consultant

Condition Pre Heal Within™:

Diseases / Symptoms:

  • Anxiety, Fear of Cancer Recurrence
  • Abdominal bloateadness & discomfort
  • Indigestion
  • Weight loss
  • Backache
  • Cold hands & feet
  • Lethargy & Low Energy

Medical Treatment History:

  • Prescribed chemotherapy & radiotherapy

Desired Results:

  • Restore health to normal, not control symptoms
  • Prevent cancer recurrence
  • Improve overall energy & vitality
  • Improve overall heath
  • Ability to enjoy remainder of life

Treatment & Results in Heal Within™:

Diagnosis A - Pathologies & Root Causes:

  • Abnormal metabolism
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Leaky gut syndrome
  • Gut disbiosis

Diagnosis B - Triggers to Pathologies:

  • Toxicity overload & heavy metal deposits
  • Bad dietary habits
  • Lack of essential nutrients
  • Chronic work stress

Integrated Treatment:

  • Holistic detoxification therapy
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Herbal therapy
  • Bio-Id hormone therapy
  • Chelation therapy
  • Physiotherapy

Results - Pathologies Reversal:

  • Circulating tumour cells reversed to zero
  • Tumour markers reduced
  • Hormonal status normalised
  • Gut dysbiosys normalised
  • Leaky gut syndrome improved
  • Weight gained to normal BMI & maintained

Results - Disease Resolution:

  • Indigestion, abdominal bloateadness & discomfort resolved
  • Backache resolved
  • Anxiety resolved. Feels calm & relaxed
  • Cold hands & feet improved
  • Lethargy resolved. Energy levels normalised



Overall treatment process:


Complicated | Not-Pleasant | Pleasant | Smooth | Efficient

Sincerity & Patience of Doctor:

Committed to my recovery

Lack of Sincerity & Patience | Sincere & Patient | Committed to my recovery

Support from Health Coach:

Committed to my recovery

Lack of Support | Nice Support | Committed to my recovery

Overall Recovery:

85% of perfect health

0% = Dead | 100% = Perfect health

Satisfaction by Results:

Blessed & Happy

Not-satisfied | Satisfied | Blessed & Happy

Price Justification:

Got what I paid for

Overpriced | Got what I paid for | Great Value for price

Overal Star Rating:



I was simply surprised when the colorectal surgeon who did my colonoscopy declared that my lump almost the size of a golf ball near the rectum was very likely cancer. My dear friend with me burst into tears instead– to my bewilderment. The biopsy of the lump confirmed it was- 2nd stage colon cancer which almost turned 3rd stage.

In the month after the painful surgery to remove the offending cancer and part of my colon, I devoured reading materials about cancer and how to go into remission from it. I read three books (amongst many medical journals) which changed my world view of cancer 1)The Truth about Cancer by Ty Bollinger 2)The Gerson Therapy by Charlotte Gerson 3)Anti-Cancer- David Servan Schreiber

Meeting a beautiful soul who shared the same predicament as I encouraged me to find a doctor who was aligned to my new way of wanting to deal with cancer. I wanted a doctor who was committed to helping me be in remission via the more holistic way. I found Heal Within via Google.  The rest is history.

Today, I have been in remission for 9 months with no cancer cell activities after being under the care of Dr Lee for more than a year. I also have a lot of energy and have even started a gymnastic class with my children (of course I was the only adult in the class- but why not?).

My friends comment how glowing my skin is and in an earlier cancer support group I attended, I was asked if I was there supporting a family member who had cancer (no one guessed I was the one with cancer). Not only that, I have so much vigour that I started a new company too.

Thank you Dr Lee and Qamariah for being with me this last year! I couldn’t have done all these without you all!

Agnes Ong 
Heal Within Messenger of Hope™



"From Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, and loss of hope..  to 85% recovery and full of joy.

- Agnes Ong, Malaysia

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"From advanced stage Gallbladder Cancer to 75% recovery & joyfulness."

- Perci John, Malaysia

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"From Caner of Colon, Cervical, Breast , Liver & Bones and bed ridden to 70% recovery & running ability."

- Mdm Li, Malaysia

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"From advanced Uterine & Colon Cancer to 70% recovery & tranquility."

- Masni Mohd, Malaysia

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2A-1, Jala​​​​​n PJS 8/2,

Sunway Mentari,

Petaling Jaya,

Selangor, Malaysia.

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