Which people are at high risk to COVID-19 infection?

Are you at high risk to a COVID-19 infection?

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Which people are at high risk to COVID-19 infection?

Are you at high risk to a COVID-19 infection?

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If you did not study, comprehend & understand “Lesson 2 – Principles of COVID-19 Disease” , then please do so first in order to fully comprehend & understanding the focus-point of this lesson – which categories of people are at high risk to contract a COVID-19 infection? And, are you in this category of people at high risk?

As already taught & established in prior lessons, the cause of a COVID-19 infection is low immunity (includes those that have an immune system that is not yet adapted to the specific virus).

Following are the categories of people that tend to have an non-adapted or weak immune system and thereby are at a high risk to contract COVID-19 infection.

Patients with existing Chronic Diseases:

These are the only categories of people who can without any doubt be certain to be at a high risk to a COVID-19 infection.

In fact, an alarming 99% of those that had a serious condition of COVID-19 infection and died were those that had one or more already existing chronic disease conditions. A meta-analysis done combining eight researches showed that most patients who were COVID-19 positive were present with comorbid conditions such as cancer, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, respiratory diseases, etc..

Patients of any existing chronic disease have undoubtedly abnormalities in one or more of the 10 Root Cause Factors, and chronic inflammation in their diseased organs, and thereby certainly have a low immunity.

The more advanced the stage of their chronic disease, the lower their immunity, and thereby the higher their risk of a COVID-19 infection.

Furthermore, consumption of certain drugs/medications for chronic disease treatment further suppresses the immune system and further increases their risk of a COVID-19 infection.

Heal Within™ is my centre that is dedicated to treat chronic disease patients using an Integrated & Holistic approach – the most effective method to normalise & optimise the 10 Root Cause Factors, and thereby normalise & optimise immunity and resolve all existing chronic diseases.

Since the last 15 years, I have successfully treated numerous patients with all sorts of diseases: end-stage cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood-pressure, auto-immune disease, endocrine diseases, liver diseases, kidney diseases, gallbladder diseases, digestive diseases, reproductive diseases, respiratory diseases, bone & joint diseases, muscular diseases, skin diseases, ENT diseases, hormonal problems, weight problems, and more..

If you are an existing chronic disease patient, or have someone in your family or friends with such, and now realise the increase COVID-19 risk that this condition puts one under, and interested to both boost your immunity and treat your chronic disease too, then I highly urge you to come visit our centre and see how we can help.


The age range of those that experienced serious conditions of COVID-19 infection and died were all above 55 years.

Old age accompanies a lot of biochemical changes in the body. Consequently, a lowered level of immune cells, more specifically a decreased level in T-cells and thereby a lowered ability to fight off pathogens.

Notwithstanding, it should not be considered as a universal determination that all old people have low immunity and are guaranteed to contract COVID-19 disease if exposed to the virus. Simple observation can prove that there are some elderly folk that are more healthier than youth. Why is this so?

Because, as taught & explained in Lesson 1 (Principles of COVID-19 Disease), low immunity is just a consequence of abnormalities in one of more of the 10 Root Cause Factors (low immunity is not necessarily a consequence of old age). 

Those elderly folk that consistently do what is necessary to normalise & optimise the 10 Root Cause Factors experience optimal immunity & optimal health and thereby greatly reduce their risk of contracting a COVID-19 infection.

I have numerous old folk patients in my centre whom I treat for consistent optimisation of the 10 Root Cause Factors by which their immunity is optimised and thereby are at minimal risk to a COVID-19 infection

If you are in the upper age bracket, or have elderly family-members or friends interested in boosting their immunity, come to my centre for a visit and see how we can help.


The reason why children fall into this category is because their immune system is in its developmental stage. The line of defense present in them to fight off disease is their weak innate immune system.

While it is true that their immune cells comprise of neutrophils, macrophages, natural killer cells as well as mast cells, these immune cells are capable of warding off just those infectious agents that are of low-virulence (low strength) and are deemed not very harmful; for example: staphylococcus and streptococcus.

The age at which children develop their adaptive immune system is above 12-14 months. Adaptive immune system gives rise to B and T lymphocytes. These immune cells defend the body against numerous infections and can potentially help protect against COVID-19 infection.

Hence it is important to understand that no matter how healthy a child could seem to be, he/she is still considered to be at a high risk of acquiring the COVID-19 infection.

Notwithstanding, there are effective treatments for boosting the immunity level in children for a solid prevention against COVID-19 infections, which I did administer to my patient’s children. Should you find a need to boost the immunity in your children, come to my centre for a visit and see how we can help.

What can we offer you in Heal Within™

Heal Within™ is primarily a chronic disease treatment & prevention centre, based on an Integrated & Holistic treatment protocol. Our focus and relentless pursuit is to help chronic disease patients achieve these Three Primary Objectives.

  • Objective 1: Holistic Healing
  • Objective 2: Optimal Immunity & Disease-Occurence/Recurrence Prevention
  • Objective 3: Long-term Wellbeing

To learn the details of the what & why of these end-objectives, and understand why it is crucial that you establish this in your mind first prior to starting any healthcare treatment or prevention program, please go to Lesson 1 – First, Establish Your End-Objectives (if you not already done so).

We use an advanced Integrated & Holistic Treatment approach, by which we diagnose the root causes to the patient’s diseases by specialised tests in all 10 Pillars of Health, and then treat those specific root causes by specialised therapies that induce holistic healing and not just suppress symptoms as done in main-stream medical treatments.

By this protocol, we have consistently helped numerous patients with all forms of diseases (right from Cancer, Heart disease, Stroke, Kidney disease, etc. to High blood pressure, diabetes, skin diseases, auto-immune diseases, infertility & other women issues, obesity etc.;) achieve these Three Primary Objectives.

If you have any chronic disease and not getting the desired positive results from your present treatment, or if you want to optimise your health to prevent occurrences of any chronic disease, or if you want to optimise your immunity for optimal prevention against COVID-19, then just send us an enquiry or come visit our centre and see how we can help you achieve the Three Primary Objectives.

We have both: a comprehensive service in-clinic program, and a DIY-at-home program (i.e. do it yourself at home program).

Our offerings:

  • Education: How to Prevent & Treat of Chronic Diseases (including COVID-19)
  • Diagnosis: Comprehensive health screening for Diseases & their Root Causes (including COVID-19)
  • Prevention: Chronic Disease Prevention Programs (including COVID-19)
  • Treatment: Chronic Disease Treatment Programs
  • Rehabilitation: Post-treatment Rehabilitation & Optimisation Programs (including COVID-19)

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Dr Lee Cheng Lok

Medical Director, Heal Within™

Dr Lee Cheng Lok is the founder & medical director in Heal Within™. This lesson series is a part of his mission to educate & heal patients with chronic diseases, and prevent others from experiencing chronic disease by using an Integrated & Holistic approach.


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