What are the symptoms of COVID-19 infection?

What are the signs I need to watch out for?

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What are the symptoms of COVID-19 infection?

What are the signs I need to watch out for?

A life-threatening condition of COVID-19 infection happens due to damage in the respiratory system and therefore you see most of the listed symptoms in other articles connected to the respiratory system. But COVID-19 infection symptoms are seen to manifest in other systems too. In this article I will list them categorised into common and less common symptoms and explain them all to you.



When the COVID-19 viral strain gets into the respiratory tract (due to a weak immune system), it finds itself a suitable host for its reproduction & proliferation., which triggers a immune response called a cytokine storm which further cascades down to the hypothalamus (temperature regulation gland), which results in an increased temperature of the body. The fever caused by COVID-19 infection is not an ordinary one because it is a high grade fever which consistently rises over time.


When the strain of COVID-19 enters the respiratory tract (due to a weak immune system), it causes irritation of the respiratory pathway, which then triggers a reflex-cough. This is a dry cough as there is no sputum produced.

Shortness of Breath:

When COVID-19 infection proliferates into a larger area in the lungs, it results in the infection of the upper lobes of the lungs which impedes inhalation & exhalation, resulting in shortness of breath.


COVID-19 infection induces dehydration and thereby loss of energy.



Seen mostly as an early symptom of COVID-19 infection.


Another symptom seen as an early sign. Intensity differs depending on the condition of the immune system.


Lowered sense of smell.

Muscle & Joint aches:

A hyperactive immune response called a cytokine storm, further results in a dehydration and thereby muscle & joint aches.

Chest Pain:

Compromised inhalation & exhalation function results in chest pain.

Runny nose/sore throat/Sneezing:

An increased irritation of the respiratory tract results in such symptoms.


Due to the poor brain & nerve regulation happening as a result of the infection, the patient could experience headaches.

Blue lips and face:

Shortness of breath can cause cyanosis and due to decreased oxygen supplied to the body, this can manifest into bluish colouration of the face and lips.


A combination of multiple symptoms combined with feelings of fear & apprehension is seen to add the symptom of confusion and drowsiness.

Difference between COVID-19 symptoms and symptoms of flu and other common conditions

Many of the commonly seen symptoms of COVID-19 infection are like those seen in a common cold and flu. How do you then identify COVID-19 symptoms accurately?

Symptoms are not an accurate marker and are never a tool for accurate diagnosis of a specific pathological condition, their appropriate use are just to give a clue to what could be the specific pathological condition, and thereby have a most efficient plan for diagnosis & treatment.

Many people (including many medical professionals) make a grave error of assuming they have COVID-19 infection just by symptoms. I ask you not to do so. Never assume you have COVID-19 infection because this could cause unnecessary fear; and neither assume that it could be just a flu because this could cause you to take it lightly. You need to do a proper medical test for confirmation.

Furthermore, only by doing a test for confirmation, is it then possible to administer the suitable treatment for the symptoms and underlying pathologies you have. Therefore again, do not assume based on symptoms, neither allow fear to consume you; do a medical test for confirmation and seek the suitable treatment.

What can we offer you in Heal Within™

Heal Within™ is primarily a chronic disease treatment & prevention centre, based on an Integrated & Holistic treatment protocol. Our focus and relentless pursuit is to help chronic disease patients achieve these Three Primary Objectives.

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  • Objective 3: Long-term Wellbeing

To learn the details of the what & why of these end-objectives, and understand why it is crucial that you establish this in your mind first prior to starting any healthcare treatment or prevention program, please go to Lesson 1 – First, Establish Your End-Objectives (if you not already done so).

We use an advanced Integrated & Holistic Treatment approach, by which we diagnose the root causes to the patient’s diseases by specialised tests in all 10 Pillars of Health, and then treat those specific root causes by specialised therapies that induce holistic healing and not just suppress symptoms as done in main-stream medical treatments.

By this protocol, we have consistently helped numerous patients with all forms of diseases (right from Cancer, Heart disease, Stroke, Kidney disease, etc. to High blood pressure, diabetes, skin diseases, auto-immune diseases, infertility & other women issues, obesity etc.;) achieve these Three Primary Objectives.

If you have any chronic disease and not getting the desired positive results from your present treatment, or if you want to optimise your health to prevent occurrences of any chronic disease, or if you want to optimise your immunity for optimal prevention against COVID-19, then just send us an enquiry or come visit our centre and see how we can help you achieve the Three Primary Objectives.

We have both: a comprehensive service in-clinic program, and a DIY-at-home program (i.e. do it yourself at home program).

Our offerings:

  • Education: How to Prevent & Treat of Chronic Diseases (including COVID-19)
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  • Rehabilitation: Post-treatment Rehabilitation & Optimisation Programs (including COVID-19)

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Dr Lee Cheng Lok is the founder & medical director in Heal Within™. This lesson series is a part of his mission to educate & heal patients with chronic diseases, and prevent others from experiencing chronic disease by using an Integrated & Holistic approach.


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