COVID-19 Test – Is doing one necessary?


COVID-19 Test: Is doing one necessary?

(Whether I have symptoms or no symptoms?)

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COVID-19 Test: Is doing one necessary?

(Whether I have symptoms or no symptoms?)

Short answer – YES. A COVID-19 test is necessary whether you have symptoms or not. This lesson explains why.

A. Why the necessity of a COVID-19 test if you have symptoms:

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, you need to do a test because this is necessary for the administration of the correct treatment to you.

If you are diagnosed positive, then the treatment for COVID-19 needs to be administered. If you are diagnosed negative, then the other suitable treatment for your specific diagnosed condition needs to be administered.

Therefore, the necessity of the test in case you have symptoms is for the selection and administration of the correct treatment for the specific pathological condition the patient has: treatment for COVID-19 or treatment for any other diagnosed condition.

B. Why the necessity of a COVID-19 test if you have symptoms:

On the other hand, if you have NO symptoms, it is necessary to do the test because you could be an asymptomatic carrier. Which means that you could be infected but show no symptoms at the moment. However, symptoms could show up suddenly in the future.

If you are diagnosed positive (asymptomatic carrier), then a suitable treatment needs to be administered for internal riddance of COVID-19 and thereafter a comprehensive treatment to strengthen & optimise your immune system and regenerate & optimise all your major organs in the body for a solid immunity against a future potential stronger second-wave of COVID-19 infection.

If you are diagnosed negative, while that’s good news, it is not a certainty that you are immune to a potential COVID-19 infection in the future. It is therefore wise that you then go through a comprehensive test for the diagnosis of the condition of your immune system and the condition of your major organs and thereby see if your immunity is optimised against a future potential stronger second-wave of COVID-19 infection or not. And if not, then go through the necessary treatment for the same.

Therefore the necessity of the test in case you have no symptoms is for the diagnosis of being an asymptomatic carrier, and thereby select the right treatment for the internal riddance of COVID-19 (if positive asymptomatic carrier), and a comprehensive treatment for a regeneration & optimisation of your immune system and all major organs so to then have optimal immunity against any future potential stronger second-wave COVID-19 infection (if positive or negative asymptomatic carrier).

What can we offer you in Heal Within™

In Heal Within™, our focus and relentless pursuit is to help our patients achieve these Three Primary Objectives.

  • Objective 1: Holistic Healing
  • Objective 2: Optimal Immunity
  • Objective 3: Long-term Wellbeing

To learn the details of the what & why of these end-objectives, and understand why it is crucial that you establish this in your mind first prior to starting any healthcare treatment or prevention program, please go to Lesson 1 – First, Establish Your End-Objectives (if you not already done so).

We use an advanced Integrated & Holistic Treatment approach and have consistently helped numerous patients with all forms of diseases achieve these Three Primary Objectives. Moreover there has not been a single reported case of COVID-19 from any of our patients; our programs have helped all our patients optimise their immunity and protect themselves from this viral infection.

If you had COVID-19 & already treated and now seek to prevent a recurrence, or if you have no infection at the moment but want to optimise your immunity so to prevent being infected in the future, then just send us an enquiry or come visit our centre to see how we can help.

We have both: a comprehensive service in-clinic program, and a DIY-at-home program (i.e. do it yourself at home program). To learn more about our programs please go to the program-details web-page, the link to which is below.

Our offerings:
  • COVID-19 Test
  • Comprehensive Medical Screening
  • DIY-at-Home COVID-19 Prevention Program (Integrated & Holistic)
  • Comprehensive In-clinic COVID-19 Prevention Program (Integrated & Holistic)

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Lesson Author

Medical Director, Heal Within™

Dr Lee Cheng Lok is the founder & medical director in Heal Within™. This lesson series is a part of his mission to educate & heal patients with chronic diseases, and prevent others from experiencing chronic disease by using an Integrated & Holistic approach.


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