What is Coronavirus & COVID-19?


What is Coronavirus & COVID-19?

The virus and the disease.

What is a virus?

Basically, a virus is a microscopic infection-causing agent. But the manner in which viruses differ from other infectious agents (ex: bacteria) is by the absence of a transparent cell wall and a cell membrane, and the lack of all the important organelles required for their replication & survival. Unlike bacteria, viruses can only replicate inside the living cells of other organisms which may be any form of life: animals, plants to other microorganisms like bacteria and archaea.

A particle of the virus, a virion, consists of 2 or 3 important structures:

  • Genetic material: which may either be deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) or ribonucleic acid (RNA).
  • Capsid: a protein coat that surrounds and protects the genetic material present inside.
  • Envelope: made out of lipids. This surrounds the protein coat when the organism is outside a living cell.

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is the name given to a family of viruses that can cause infections in mammals and birds. They were first discovered in the 1930s and caused infections in birds, later different strains were also found in mice. In the 1960s it was discovered that coronaviruses also infect humans.

These viruses have a crown-shaped surface core which gives them an appearance of crown-like particles under an electron microscope, thus the name coronaviruses. 

This family consists of virus strains that cause infections from the common cold to life-threatening diseases like Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). SARS, MERS and the current novel COVID-19 are all the strains from this family of viruses.

All these viruses are known to have an animal origin and now it is believed that COVID-19, causing the current pandemic originated from pangolin and has jumped to the human race.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is short for “Coronavirus-Disease-2019”, it is a respiratory infection caused by the specific virus named SARS-CoV-2, a novel strain from the coronavirus family.

Early cases were reported from Wuhan, China in December 2019 and since then the disease has spread to 199 countries with the USA, Italy, China, and Spain having the most cases. It was declared a pandemic by WHO on 11th March 2020. According to the recent update, there are approximately 7.9 million cases from all over the world out of which around 4 million recovered and around 400,000 died.

In the past months, a remarkable spread is observed all across the globe, as it affects Korea, Asia, Europe, Italy, Middle East the most North America after China. According to the latest researches by medical experts: the news is that the spread of this deadly infectious disease has been predicted to double by every five to six days – which means we are looking at a massively increasing count in the near future. The sad part is, these are just a number of few reported cases, however, the actual figures are yet unknown.

In order to prevent being infected by COVID-19, and thereby prevent the diseases thereof and a potential death, a solid understanding of the principles of this COVID-19 disease, its symptoms, prevention and treatment is necessary. And this education program is purposed for just that. Therefore, I urge you to invest the time to diligently study the material I present in the following lessons.

With a combined effort, we can not only eliminate this contagious disease from the face of this planet but also return to a healthy social life sooner.

What can we offer you in Heal Within™

In Heal Within™, our focus and relentless pursuit is to help our patients achieve these Three Primary Objectives.

  • Objective 1: Holistic Healing
  • Objective 2: Optimal Immunity
  • Objective 3: Long-term Wellbeing

To learn the details of the what & why of these end-objectives, and understand why it is crucial that you establish this in your mind first prior to starting any healthcare treatment or prevention program, please go to Lesson 1 – First, Establish Your End-Objectives (if you not already done so).

We use an advanced Integrated & Holistic Treatment approach and have consistently helped numerous patients with all forms of diseases achieve these Three Primary Objectives. Moreover there has not been a single reported case of COVID-19 from any of our patients; our programs have helped all our patients optimise their immunity and protect themselves from this viral infection.

If you had COVID-19 & already treated and now seek to prevent a recurrence, or if you have no infection at the moment but want to optimise your immunity so to prevent being infected in the future, then just send us an enquiry or come visit our centre to see how we can help.

We have both: a comprehensive service in-clinic program, and a DIY-at-home program (i.e. do it yourself at home program). To learn more about our programs please go to the program-details web-page, the link to which is below.

Our offerings:
  • COVID-19 Test
  • Comprehensive Medical Screening
  • DIY-at-Home COVID-19 Prevention Program (Integrated & Holistic)
  • Comprehensive In-clinic COVID-19 Prevention Program (Integrated & Holistic)

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Medical Director, Heal Within™

Dr Lee Cheng Lok is the founder & medical director in Heal Within™. This lesson series is a part of his mission to educate & heal patients with chronic diseases, and prevent others from experiencing chronic disease by using an Integrated & Holistic approach.


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