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Comprehensive education & knowledge-empowerment for heart patients,
for choosing the most effective treatment for their condition,
to achieve healing, recurrence prevention & long-term wellbeing.



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  • What is heart disease

  • Various abnormalities that result in heart disease

  • Symptoms of heart disease (including rare but crucial symptoms)
  • The 10 Pillars of Health: The only 10 major factors that are the root causes and the root cures to heart disease

  • Sequential process of how abnormalities in these 10 Pillars of Health gradually results in heart disease

  • Sequential process of how normalising all 10 Pillars of Health results in most effective treatment of heart disease.

  • Pillar 1: Diet, gut, Nutrition
  • Pillar 2: Internal & environmental toxicity
  • Pillar 3: Blood & lymph circulation, and oxygenation
  • Pillar 4: Brain & nerve regulation & nervous signalling
  • Pillar 5: Hormone imbalance
  • Pillar 6: Base-cell* levels
  • Pillar 7: Mitochondrial energy levels
  • Pillar 8: Genetics, & epigenetic status
  • Pillar 9: Mental & emotional status
  • Pillar 10: Physical activity & overall lifestyle
  • The specific & realistic treatment objectives a heart patient must establish

  • How to use these treatment objectives to analyse & thereby qualify the most suitable treatment for your condition
  • How to choose the right tests for most accurate diagnosis

  • List of all available tests, how they work, and their appropriate use
  • How normalising all 10 Pillars of Health results in most effective treatment of heart disease

  • How to effectively treat heart disease

  • How to effectively treatment all accompanying diseases simultaneously
  • How optimising all 10 Pillars of Health results in recurrence prevention & long-term wellbeing

  • How to effectively rehab the heart

  • How to effectively rehab all major organs simultaneously
  • What is EECP Therapy

  • Why EECP Therapy alone cannot resolve heart disease

  • Why most patients that use EECP Therapy alone experience a recurrence within a few years

  • How to use EECP Therapy with other therapies for maximum healing results

  • Why all EECP Therapy machines are not alike, and how to chose the right one
  • Why medications & surgery alone cannot resolve heart disease 
  • Why most patients that use medications & surgery alone experience a recurrence within a few years
  • The appropriate use of medications & surgery, and when are they necessary
  • Elaborative case-summary, testimony of some of our heart patients.
  • Expert-answers to major frequently asked questions from heart patients
  • Expert-answers to rarely asked but important questions that every heart patient must ask
  • Truth to industry misinformation

  • Clarification to major misconceptions most heart patients have

Special Report

EECP Therapy Alone
Cannot Help You!

EECP Therapy is seen to be non-effective if used alone.

Special Report

EECP Therapy Alone Cannot Help You!

EECP Therapy is seen to be non-effective if used alone.

EECP Therapy improves the blood flow to the heart by which symptoms of chest pain get resolved or alleviate…BUT NOT PERMANENTLY.. you could experience a recurrence within 3 years or less!

The key to resolving heart disease long-term is increasing the blood flow to the heart, AND preventing the formation of more plaque in the heart blood vessels in the future, BY TREATING THE ROOT CAUSES TO PLAQUE FORMATION… which cannot be achieved by use of EECP Therapy alone. It must be integrated with other therapies to achieve this.

Patients Love This!

What heart patients say about what they learnt here..

If you are a heart patient seeking treatment, then here's my sincere advise: Do not take up any treatment until you go through this education first. Trust me, you shall save much time, energy & money on ineffective treatments.
Hector Stephens*
Ex Heart Patient,
Heal Within®
Since 1996 I let myself be a guinea-pig for 'experts' all due to my lack of knowledge. Over 10 years lingering around with heart disease meds and never feeling better, until I found Dr Lee, his education, and his treatment. If you want to save yourself much trouble, just learn what Dr Lee teaches you here first.
Ganes Seelan*
Ex Heart Patient,
Heal Within®
I'm lucky that I stumbled upon Dr Lee and Heal Within® early. Going through his treatment restored my life back to me, and going through his patient education saved me from much wasted effort & money into non-effective treatments.
Ufair Rashid*
Ex Heart Patient,
Heal Within®






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Are you Well Informed?

Heart Disease is not a death sentence; the wrong treatment is!

Without me giving you any statistical data, you can see that most heart patients end up either loosing their life or in a gradually deteriorating life just because of their lack of knowledge which leads them into the wrong treatment.

Rushing into any treatment without knowing what you are getting into could result in relieving your symptoms of chest pain etc., but could inevitably result in a recurrence and more damage in the long term.

My treatment is quite advanced, and I can confidently say that you could experience great positive results if you start the treatment in my centre; but yet I want you to first be fully informed & empowered with the right knowledge; so that you can enter into the treatment you choose with confidence and full commitment to recover your health.

Therefore, I urge you that you don’t rush into any treatment; go through this education with much attention to detail and understand the facts fully. I further urge you to even consult multiple experts and gather all their perspectives too. Then sit down and carefully consider it all, and then make a wise decision which treatment is most suitable for you; because in the end you alone are responsible for the consequences of your decisions.

My well wishes to your total health recovery.




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